ARCNAV rowing shell lights were designed in response to the need for a lightweight, durable and simple navigation light system. The latest design incorporates the highest quality LED light elements.

Now in their 4th generation, ARCNAV lights:

  • are visible up to one mile (1,6 km) away
  • are waterproof to a depth of 300 feet (100m)
  • do not absorb colors or odors
  • will not become brittle and break
  • feature stainless steel fasteners
  • use CR2032 batteries (same as NK SpeedCoaches) (batteries are included with the lights)
  • batteries last up to 250 hours in flashing mode (about 100 hours in steady mode)
  • are lightweight (bow light is only 3 ounces (85 g))
  • No tools are needed to change batteries
  • Multiple mounting options for the stern light


How to purchase:

Preconfigured Sets
ARCNAV red/green bow lights on card (bow number clip mount; clips are sold here); white/white stern lights on Velcro strap

ARCNAV red/green bow lights on card; white suction cup & lanyard stern light with extra clip-on white light

Build Your Own
Bow Light Configuration
Stern Light Configuration

Individual Lights
Individual Component

Bow light in place Stern light on rigger Inquiries for custom designs and special orders are welcome. For any questions, please email me at the address "info" followed by the suffix "" and we'll get back to you. Thanks and safe rowing!! 1234567